Part 3: A Long Time Coming: Where Are We Going Now?


In March of 2020 I wrote Part 2:  Continuing Crisis and ….Conspiracy?.  I never intended to wait this long for Part 3 – and final part to this writing.  But all Hell broke loose across the World.  People were dying at a rapid rate.  I had written before about the 1918 Flu Pandemic being an act of War and I still believe this is true as I believe that the Coronavirus was also planned at least in the sense that the Law gave them the rights to practice on making and curing people with bioweapons from Virus’s.  This much is true.

In 2017 a Federal Ban on making lethal Virus’s was lifted.  What did they think was going to happen? I’ll say it again,  they knew exactly what was going to happen, just as they knew what was going to happen with the “opioid crisis”.  I was one of those people caught up in the “crisis” in 2015 when I lost my medications I had been on for 25 years (documented).  Now I’m taking another medication to curb the Myoclonus caused by the sudden withdrawal of medications.  I was lucky/blessed that I made it through because many patients did not.  They suffered and died because of it. Now we have have literally millions die of an “escaped” Virus out of Wuhan China and we will never be told the honest truth about what happened there just as we have not been told the truth about anything else they have been doing to us for over 100 years.

To date, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has taken more than 3.5 million lives.

And by the way, where are the damn Cannabis Dispensaries in Kentucky that everyone so thought we would be able to get?  We can’t even get the Hemp Industry on track let alone either “medical” or recreational Cannabis!  Meanwhile there are patients that truly need this medicine in Kentucky that can only access it illegally. Granted, the Louisville area passed the LLEPO act and that was a good thing.  If all you have in your possession is a misdemeanor amount of Cannabis they really aren’t too hard on you in Kentucky.  Now trafficking is a different story.  We have really bad problems with the trafficking of Meth and Heroin and Fentanyl which is also common across the U.S. It’s not from unintended consequences!  The reason for the increase in this type of drug trafficking is simply because the Government eliminated the FDA approved narcotics that the Physicians had legally dispensed (in most cases) across the U.S. and everyone was using them.  Then all of a sudden the rug gets pulled out from under them and what are they supposed to do?  Die in pain, or get some meth and go to work. And then China added the Fentanyl. The “Culling” was in force…and still is.

When I began looking at the situation with illegal Marijuana in Kentucky around 2008 I remembered my Dad telling me to look up Gatewood Galbraith. So I got online and started searching him and “medical marijuana”  and came across a lot of interesting information that I could not just let sit there, so I started a blog called “When Government Fails in Kentucky” and after I met Gatewood in Lexington in 2009 he had my blog attached to his website  Back then it was all about legalize marijuana, and medical marijuana.  I don’t know why they didn’t realize a repeal option would be the best course of action through the political system.  Legalize just gives them even more control over the plant and you!

The only way the U.S. is going to change is if a third party Candidate gets on the Ballot for the Presidency — and wins!  Otherwise,,we will be stuck with the two-party kidnapping of our Country and have to live with what they choose to do to us or with us.

The whole World is in an awful mess.  Jack Herer once said, “I don’t know if Hemp will save the World, but I know it’s the only thing that can”.  If everyone was free to plant hemp and cannabis as they pleased it could help global warming, bring back planting fields, be used in pharmaceutical medications, and grown in our own home or yard for personal use as we see fit.  No questions nor license fee’s or registrations needed!  It originated as a “Weed”!  If we let them get by with the way they are legalizing and regulating Hemp and Cannabis at this point, the next thing they will come after is your vegetables and cows, etc.,  Don’t think that it can’t happen!  Kentucky has implemented a regulation whereby all cattle are to be microchipped and registered, meaning the government will have immediate access to the number of cattle you have at any given time. Every day more and more control of the people is happening right in front of our eyes yet we do not see.  And for the ones that do see, how do we stop it?

Gatewood Galbraith said you have to get political or we will end up in the streets!  He was right – look where we are now!  But who can we trust to lead us politically? 

The only Cannabis Bills introduced in Kentucky this year were SB92 for medical cannabis and HB136 for medical cannabis.  Introduced January 6th. Still sitting there like a fly on a biscuit

We have so many problems in Our Country right now it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen next.  The Covid really kicked the asses of most other issues.  Global warming is going to kick our ass too if something isn’t done and I don’t know that it can be resolved – I doubt it.

People are starving all over the World and yes, I know people have been starving since the beginning of time and in Wars and Plagues, etc., But this is somehow different.

Please read over our PLATFORM at this link and if you agree and would like to be a registered member of the USMjParty you can do so for free at

Maybe if enough people rise up, they will understand that they need to change their ways – – or they could be removed!



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